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Raider Fan Profiles

On a regular basis we have run personal profiles from Raider fans who in their own words explain the magic and appeal of being a Raider fan and what drew them to this special calling.
To date over twenty-five profiles have appeared and they have now been collected together below for your enjoyment. Please take a look and we invite you to choose someone of interest and begin your rewarding journey.
These reports have been assembled and submitted by senior photographer Ed Jay who covers the Silver n’ Black for the Ultimate Sports Guide and is an invaluable link to its fans. Most photos are by Ed Jay. Enjoy!

Andrea Sedano, Dre of the Dead
Anna Breen, Raiders Fan
Azel Wendell Grasty, Sr., Oaktown Pirate
Big Shine Nieto
Brandi Weiman, Former Raiderette
Candelaria M. Flores (Candy), Raider Eye Cande
Candy Padilla, Raiders Fan
Carla Conley, Sparkle Raider
Endy Rivas, Storm Raider 
Eric Barnhart, Raiders Fan
James Jones, Raiderfan Jones
Jerry Warren, RaiderJerry
John Silva, El Cucuy
Jon Adair Chochon, Rhinestone Raider

Jose “Big Daddy” Delgado
Kathleen Sandelin, Skill Lady
Keith Smith, Crusader Raider
Kirk Bronsord, Kingsford Kirk
Lonell Easter, Pop Raider
Lori Pinky Raider Nation
Noelle Gibbs, Raiderette Darkside
Pati McGaffigan, The Maskaraider
Rachel Brown, Raiders Fan
Shea Ohlott, Skulls
Steve Raider Bigbee
Thomas Grimraider Brannon
Veronica Jackson, MzFeistyRaider
Wayne Mabry, The Violator

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