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Auto Racing

Robert Moselle
The winner's circle blues


Walter Champion
How Baseball Changed My Life

Andy Dolich
Triple Crown on Two and Four Legs

Pete Elman
Rocket or flawed star? (Roger Clemens)

Rob Flammia
A less than pleasant moment: Watch out for those giant beers!

Daniel Geary
Summertime and baseball

Kenny Karst
Double Detroit delight

Richard Lupoff
Nine Innings, Count 'em, Nine!  (2016)
In a zone
Meanest Baseball Stunt Ever

Patric Mayers
Nostalgia's not what it was

Ross McKean
Randy Johnson: Local boy makes good

Dave Newhouse
Lefty O'Doul's persuasive charm persists

Howard Perlstein
A hero my size
When the worst team played the best team

Laurel Poeton
A spring rain in Florida
Learning to love baseball, the hard way

Tom Stern
Nuggets from Ol' Diz
Meeting Joe DiMaggio

Ben Taylor
San Jose Giants are Loaded


Andy Dolich
Ode to March Madness (2016)

Robinson Brown
Ken Shank at Dillon Gym, Princeton University

Daniel Geary
In the zone

Richard Lupoff
I coulda had a 3-pointer

John Ourand
The Basketball Tournement Offers $1 Million Grand Prize
Year-old basketball event coming to ESPN (The Basketball Tournement)

Bay Area Sports

Paul Brekke-Miesner
Warriors Record Run Adds to Oaktown’s Pedigree (2016)

Andy Dolich

Beaking Bad (2016)
There Used To Be A Ballpark (2016)
Taking the Tired Out of Baseball / Bryce Harper (2016)
Skyboxification of Sports
Defunct Franchises

Introducing the National Avatar League
Time for the Return of the Multi-Use Sports Stadium?

Safest job in sports

Dave Newhouse
A Farewell to Francesco's Restaurant (2016)
Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame Dinner (2016)
Great fans, ideal location... Get me outta here!
Save Oakland Sports is eager to help (Fan Organization)

Book Review

Dave Newhouse
Shop Around: Growing Up With Motown in a Sinatra Household, by Bruce Jenkins.

Dave Newhouse
Rozelle: A Biography

Rudi Petschek
The Emerald Mile


Jeff Elefante
The Greatest (Mohammed Ali)

Jim Fitzpatrick
Meeting Mighty Mike (Mike Tyson)

Ira Klein
The baddest man in the world (Mike Tyson)

Richard Lupoff
Club Fighter (Yama Bahama)


Phil Schaaf
Baptism by lateral (The Big Game)

City of Oakland

Paul Brekke-Miesner
Oakland, the city that changed the face of sports


Andy Dolich
Bike Gear

Fantasy Football

Daniel Geary
Finally a championship crown!


Isaac Cronin
Santa Cruz fishing story

Andy Dolich
Sturgeon General's Report

Golden State Warriors

Andy Dolich
The Tim Duncan and Nate Thurmond Way: Teamwork

Nick Curran
Sign of the Times: 1975 vs. 2015

Glenn Dickey
LeBron is Tough but It's 5 Againt 1
Steph Curry: Not an Afterthought

Andy Dolich
All The Jazz (2016)

Pete Elman
Across the water, but not out of our hearts
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Bruce Macgowan
Warriors First and Only Championship
Warriors Win Sends Fans Into Frenzy

Dave Newhouse
Oakland Warriors Forever


Andy Dolich
Ten Commandments for the Driving Range (2016)
In Search of the Perfect Golf Swing

Shelia Young
Rewarding LPGA golf event to be held at Chardonnay Golf Club

Horse Racing

Andy Dolich
Triple Crown on Two and Four Legs


Dave Newhouse
Six months to correct a career divot (Brian Williams)

Memorial Tribute

Andy Dolich
Remembering Lon Simmons
The Thrill is Gone (B.B. King)

Ira Klein
Robin Williams

Dave Newhouse
A fond farewell to Lon Simmons


James Brandt
Climbing Value - Profile of James Brandt


Michael Berkowitz
Southpaw: A Knockout


Eileen Curran
Wilt Chamberlain - A true hero

Nick Curran
Profile of a class act (J. Walter Kennedy)
Sy Berer (NBA's trading card maven)

Andy Dolich
Tough as Nails

Howard Perlstein
Dipper and the Munchkins (Wilt Chamberlain)
Secret traitor to my home team

Newspaper Reporting

Richard Lupoff
By the column inch


Michael Altfest
Rooting for two dynasties

Andy Dolich
L.A. story
Pick Me a Winner
Virtuality Is Reality

Pete Elman
It's Never the Act - It's Always the Cover-Up

Bruce Macgowan
The Heidi Game

Dave Newhouse
Berkeley Repertory Theatre delivers a hit
Pete Carroll now a baseball fan

Leigh Steinberg
NFL's Glowing Future Is Marred by Existential Threat (2016)

Oakland A's

Pete Elman
The Fat Lady is Doing Scales... Offstage
Aftermath of a tragedy: The test begins
Losing by the book: An epitaph?

Nancy Finley and Christ De Benedetti
The Finley's dynasty days in Oakland
Oakland A's championships

Rob Flammia
Just to let you know!
A's fans boo A's home run

Richard Lupoff
Every fan's dream

Dave Newhouse
Special pitcher, special man / Dennis Eckersley

Jonathan Siegel
Play ball

Oakland Raiders

Andy Dolich
One "L" of a Super Bowl for Santa Clara

Chris Eaton
Kenny Stabler: Put Him in the Hall Now!

Pete Elman
Closure for a Raiders fan

Andre Johnson
Now a Raiders fan

Richard Lupoff
Raiders on a roller coaster?

Dave Newhouse
Remembering Kenny Stabler

One Warm Shirt

Andy Dolich
Sports fans of the world, unite!

Radio Talk Show Callers

Andy Dolich
Chicken Little is loose!

Reader's Corner

Howard Perlstein
NBA Should Reform Intentional Foul Rule


Steve Baker
Greatest memories: a drive, a baseball and a bonus

Bruce Macgowan
Sports memories

Howard Perlstein
Ashol-Pan, golden eagle huntress
My all-time favorite photo
Nokomis, Daughter of the Moon

Roller Derby

Jim Fitzpatrick
A lasting impression
Bay Bombers 2.0

San Francisco 49ers

Michael Altfest
Goodbye Big Time Timmy Jim

Glenn Dickey
A splendid idea (Bill Walsh)

Andy Dolich
One "L" of a Super Bowl for Santa Clara
Jim Harbaugh's lateral habenula

Daniel Geary
Aerial autograph: Catching a Kaepernick bomb
DeSean Jackson and the 2008 draft

Dave Newhouse
What have they done?

Dan Siegel
49ers Preseason Report

San Francisco Giants

Harvey Cohen
A Giant Memory / Barry Bonds

Rob Flammia
Barry Bonds 73rd home run

Ira Klein
No way they can win

Bruce Macgowan
1993 Giants season memories
Giants and Mets... and Bing
Memories of Wendell Kim


Andy Dolich
Women's Professional Sports

Sports Agents

Leland Faust
Mega Agent

Sports Economics

Andy Dolich
$4 Billion Dollar Tap Out
Bluefin tuna primer
Looking Down, Not Up
Play Misty for me

Super Fan

Carla Conley
Sparkle Raider

Pati McGaffigan
The Maskaraider

Andrea Sedano
Dre of the Dead


Dave Newhouse
Whitney Reed: He mastered life AND tennis

White Water Rafting

Rudi Petschek
A challenge for the ages


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